Museum Tinguely, Kaserne Basel, and Kunsthalle Basel are pleased to present:


An Approach to Swiss Performance Art from 1960 to the Present


The city of Basel celebrates the breadth and diversity of Swiss performance art from 1960 to the present through an exceptional institutional collaboration between Museum Tinguely, Kaserne Basel, and Kunsthalle Basel in partnership with Centre culturel suisse. Together these institutions illuminate performative practices in Switzerland—looking back, for instance, to when Jean Tinguely blew up the Basel Carnival Committee in a performative action in 1974, and looking forward, with new performances by established and emerging artists.

Spanning five months, from 20 September 2017 to 18 February 2018, this project has roots in the multidisciplinary exhibition and festival “PerformanceProcess” held in 2015 at the Centre culturel suisse in Paris. Building upon and expanding that effort, the Basel institutions join forces to examine this powerful medium, each from a distinct perspective.

Practical information for visitors

Tickets can be purchased at each of the three venues. For further details of the programme of exhibitions and events as well as practical information on how to get there, please consult the host institutions’ websites:

Media inquiries

Inquiries relating to PerformanceProcess should be addressed to those responsible for media relations at the host institutions:
Museum Tinguely: Isabelle Beilfuss,, +41 61 687 46 08
Kaserne Basel: Oliver Bussmann,, +41 61 666 60 08
Kunsthalle Basel: Claudio Vogt,, +41 61 206 99 11

A collaborative project by Museum Tinguely, Kaserne Basel, Kunsthalle Basel, in partnership with Centre culturel suisse, Paris
Supported by the Division of Cultural Affairs, Canton of Basel-Stadt
Coordination: Eva Heller; Design: Dan Solbach, Ben Brodmann; Code: Daniel Schneider, Prolog; Font: Dinamo; Photography homepage: La Ribot, Distinguished Hits, 2016. Photo: Image, Mémoire, Corps

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